Vesna Pavletic, Biocrystal®’s CEO is the „Innovator of the year“

Innovator of the year

Biocrystal technologies CEO, Mrs. Vesna Pavletic, has been named the winner of a Stevie award for Women in Business, in a category Innovator of the year. The Award gala dinner was held in New York, on November 19th.

Innovator of the year award came to Mrs. Pavletic’s hands thanks to the invention of Biocrystal® innovation, created in a cooperation with a team of scientists and presented to the world as a solution to healthier and more energetic life. This year, that is 13th year of Stevie award tradition, more than 1,400 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted, for consideration in more than 90 categories and were judged by a Judging committee of 160 professionals from every part of the globe.

Stevie Award was established in 2002. in USA, in order to give a public credit to persistence and efforts of business women all around the world and commend their achievements and results.


The Stevie award judging committee recognized Biocrystal® mixture as an innovation that is worth of world’s attention, while the Biocrystal technologies company was publicly commended as a first one in the world that found the way to use crystals in a purpose of benefits for people.


“The Stevie award is a great acknowledgment to a years of hard work that brought to development of Biocrystal technology. It turned out that our innovation changes the direction of thinking but also the further development of Bedding industry, and many other industries where the application Biocrystal is possible ” – said Mrs. Pavletic in her acceptance speech at the Award dinner in New York.


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Since we had the access to the comments of the Jury, I would like to share with you some of their comments about Biocrystal® innovation and Mrs. Pavletić who won the award in the category “Innovator of the Year”:

•   “This is certainly one of the most innovative product I’ve seen in this competition. Very interesting approach, with an excellent accompanying materials.”
•   “Vesna is an innovative and thoughtful leader, focused on results and make a difference in the market.”
•   “Brilliant innovation – Vesna improves the quality of people’s lives!”
•   “Extremely impressive and innovative product that can have a wide scope and global impact on the health of the people!”


Powerful Biocrystal® mixture made according the benefits of crystals and their positive impact on humans, animals and plants improves quality of life – it encourages self-recovery, revitalization and energization. Primarily Biocrystal® was intended for incorporation into products for sleep, but combined with Nano technology, it became possible to incorporate it into thread, foam, fabrics. These findings resulted in the creation of completely new – Biocrystal® lifestyle, since almost any object can be improved with Biocrystal and thus ameliorate users’ quality of life.