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What is Biocrystal ® ?

Biocrystal® is a universally applicable high efficiency technology whose primary purpose is to relax and increase daily wellbeing. This tested and proven innovative solution combines precisely specified crystals in exact quantity and ratio, proven to provide the highest relaxation and stress-relief effect, with immense benefits on the user.

Biocrystal® is intended and it is designed for implementation into various everyday products to change them in highly effective relax and anti-stress products.


Biocrystal® is efficiently and cost-effectively add for all manufacturers who want to add value to their products and create a competitive advantage on the market.

Responding to customer needs in challenging times

Stress is considered one of today's main problems negatively impacting overall health. Let's not forget that daily relaxation and self-care have incredible long-term advantages, significantly contributing to our overall wellbeing. People worldwide need natural, highly effective, and supportive products more than ever before. Our goal was to provide a natural based solution to mitigate unpleasant stress symptoms and thus facilitate the day-to-day functioning of all Biocrystal® users.


The action of Biocrystal® mixture does not have the characteristics of the current so-called instant effects such as warm-cold, hard-soft, fragrance, color etc., as with many other technologies used in production today. That is one of the factors that make it so unique.

When daily stress gets in the way, Biocrystal® steps in.

It is no secret that a fast and hectic lifestyle cause stress. A demanding job, family duties, numerous responsibilities – it all makes a day hard to handle. And when it finally comes to bedtime, it becomes impossible to turn off your busy mind. Your muscles become tense.

Your heart is racing. It all prevents the body from relaxing and regenerating. Sleeping stressed, night by night can cause numerous health issues, and that is why we need to fight it. This is where Biocrystal® steps in.

Delivered by nature. Powered by technology. Approved by science.


With its natural crystals, all chosen according to their benefits, Biocrystal® puts purely natural resources to the disposal of a stress-relieving sleep. When implemented into foam, mattress, or furniture, Biocrystal® is measured to calm heartbeat, slow down rapid breathing, and relax muscle tension. It all leads to a reduction of stress and helps to improve the quality of sleep.





Biocrystal’s measured benefits
reduce level of stress
provide faster relaxation
reduce muscle tension
increase oxygen level
helps improve your sleep quality
decrease impact of EMF (electromagnetic field)

% of respondents measured better body circulation
% of the users sleep better
% of the users recommend the product

Fast, easy and cost-efficient to implement

Biocrystal® comes with an easy, fast and cost-effective implementation as well as our support throughout the process – from idea to the shelf. Upgrade the comfort of your product with antistress efficiency of Biocrystal®.


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