Luxury wellness market counts on efficiency of crystals

Blog post by Mr. Zlatko Karajic, Managing Director at Biocrystal technologies


Recent article published in The New York Times talking about crystals and their firm position into the “luxury wellness market” made me share some thoughts with you.

To be completely honest, this post it is intended to disbelievers, to release them from doubt, and to those who are still questioning the enormous role natural sources such as crystals have in our lives.

Of course, I am not referring to their healing properties which is their mostly known advantage, usually placed in the area of the alternative. What I am referring to is numerous, very concrete and measurable achievements of today, which would be completely impossible without counting on crystals – their efficiency, reliability and natural origin.

The lists start with manufacture of watches, electronic equipment and medical devices, but it doesn’t end there… Simply, there is no field of modern technology that is not using crystals in one or another way, especially when it comes to the products that ask for a perfect precision.


On the other hand, importance and significance of the crystals and their severity of application is proven through the fact that their unique properties were the field of interest for world’s famous scientists, Nikola Tesla, for example:

“In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.”

Oh, and I definitely share this Daily Mail’s list of favorite celebrities that couldn’t even imagine their lives without relying on crystals, properly considering these powerful rocks as an inevitable part of their daily routine.

So, as you can see, we in Biocrystal Technologies are certainly not the only one to recognize crystals’ efficiency, as their properties have been known for ages, but we are the first who had chosen 16 specific crystals, according their beneficial impact to human’s body and who have adjusted them to be implementable and usable through almost any well-being product you can imagine.

We are also among the few who constantly invest into scientific researches of efficiency of our powerful crystal mixture – Biocrystal®, and those who have proper scientific proofs that our technology based on crystals – works!

Unrelated to the end-product Biocrystal® mixture is implemented in, measuring changes at specific psychological parameters show that our powerful innovative crystal mixture has scientifically proven effect to the user – it provides faster energy recovery, it improves sleep quality and it makes the user feel more energized. It basically compensates everything a modern man needs to retain desired quality of life.


To conclude, I must share with you that Biocrystal Technology is represented and familiar among bedding and furniture industry’s decision makers all over the world and recognized as an innovation of a great perspective. But to be completely honest, the support and recognition that this movement called “luxury wellness market” has worldwide, and role of crystals’ efficiency in it, is just a perfect motivation to continue developing Biocrystal Technologies and increase its efficiency to the unsettled boundaries.