Biocrystal® is a trade name for an original crystal blend made of 16 different types of 100% natural crystals. Taken directly from nature, without being subjected to any special treatment, crystals bring power of nature to right to your life.

A decade of research discovered highly effective formula for Biocrystal® Mixture that contains specific quantity and ratio of crystals, able to achieve the maximum energy effect.

BIOCRYSTAL®  in media


The Biocrystal® composite is a powerful combination of 16 crystals.

The combination of precisely defined quantity and ratio is grinded and mixed with a special procedure, without any chemistry added. During the creation of this powerful crystal composite, we dedicated special attention to the procedure that allows maintaining all the benefits of the crystals.

Their influence is magnified with addition of gold (known as energy booster) and silver (known to have a calming effect).

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The ratio and percentages of the crystals in the highly efficiency composite is precisely defined representing a result of a 9-year research. As an outcome, we discovered the ultimate combination of the crystals that improves the functional state of body, without harmful impact or any contraindications.
Biocrystal® is developed, scientifically tested, and proven to bring the positive influence of crystals into a service of human’s, animal’s and plant’s well-being.

A natural and active crystal composite – Biocrystal® is:





Studies done at different Biocrystal® products, by relevant experts showed that a person using it:
experience increased body energy and concentration,
has improved sleep quality
feels more relaxed and tranquillized

In short: Biocrystal® is one of a kind product that takes care of the user’s organism without getting involved in the process itself, except for when using the product enriched with powerful crystal composite.

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Crystals have been known for their efficiency for ages and have been used in almost every industry. Therefore, we can freely add that our world would be inconceivable without the technology enabled by the crystals. For example: without the crystals, the manufacturing of watches, electronic equipment, medical devices, computers and many other products of life importance would be impossible.

Reliable and precise as they are, efficiency of crystals in the Biocrystal® composite is reflected through their impact on cells – start point of each living organism.
Enabling the cells to produce the optimum vibration, the crystals in Biocrystal® provide proper metabolic functions (exchanges between nutrients and substances), which protect from harmful external factors and/or decrease their influence.


Biocrystal® is suitable for an easy implementation in a wide range of products made for everyday use and intended for life improvement. Today we differentiate two options of Biocrystal appearance, depending on the implementation potential:

Biocrystal® MIXTURE

Intended for implementation into:

various kinds of foams


mattresses and toppers


furniture components


Biocrystal® POWDER

Perfectly implementable into:

yarn and thread


products for everyday use






The Biocrystal® mixture contains crystal grinded to a size of 0,4 – 0,1 mm. It is intended for implementation into various kinds of foams for products such as mattresses, toppers, but also products for everyday use, such as sofas, chairs, accessorize, textiles, clothing and footwear, sport and exercise equipment, as well as products for horses, pets and plant care. The Biocrystal® mixture upgrades a product into an active one throughout an active treatment affecting a user’s body by:

  • enabling proper cell function,
  • improving energy renewal,
  • providing quality rest and recuperation,
  • ameliorating the functional state of the whole organism,
  • improving general health condition.

Its efficiency was achieved through the constant researches and testing, developing an idea of implementing this powerful mixture into products for its everyday use such as for seat cover, eye mask, lumbar belt, or even a tie. Biocrystal®’s efficiency isn’t limited only to humans, but is applied into products for pets (such as pet pillows and/or clothes) and even care of plants.




Technology advancements have made an additional crushing of Biocrystal® mixture possible which consequently produced Biocrystal® powder – where the crystals are minced into the size of 3 – 6 microns, retaining all the positive effects.

The Biocrystal® powder doesn’t deteriorate even at a temperature of 1,500° C.

These characteristics make it perfectly implementable into yarn and thread. Simplicity of implementation combined with the highest efficiency of the Biocrystal® powder make this product ideal for applying in sports equipment, furniture components, textile, bedding industry products, or even products intended for care and breeding of horses and pets.
The Biocrystal powder is applicable for implementation into the basics of almost any product produced within bedding, furniture, textile industry, automotive, etc.


The Biocrystal® powder has certainly taken us a step further from the Biocrystal® mixture, since it offers numerous possibilities of implementation and an endless list of products to be enriched with efficient Biocrystal® technology.


A research conducted by a doctor, a specialist of internal medicine, has proved that all Biocrystal® users experience positive changes in their functional state of the organism, bringing them to the average improvement of 34.6%. The changes are noticeable and measured with a precise device only 10 minutes after the beginning of its use.
A study conducted at BION institute shows that Biocrystal® users experience higher level of conductivity and energy absorption – which implies more relaxed muscle and the nerve system enabling better sleep

A questionnaire conducted among the Biocrystal® users showed that

of respondents measured better body circulation

of the users sleep better

of the users recommend the product

Efficiency of Biocrystal® Technology is tested and proven by science. According to the benefits, tested products meet all the criteria to obtain the “Certificate of energy influence on humans”.

Efficiency of Biocrystal® Technology is tested and proven by science.

To find out more, download our Test Reports Book here.


Biocrystal® ‘s efficiency is proven by numerous European institutes and recognized
doctors in various fieldsof expertize, but it is also confirmed by the world’s famous athletes such as Goran Ivanisevic,
Matthias Dolderer, Danielle Brown, and many other satisfied users around the Globe.



We represent a truly innovative but experienced company receiving various awards and numerous media recognitions. Our supporters are the most famous athletes, while the efficiency of our technology is tested and proved on prestigious European institutes. The Biocrystal® mixture and the Biocrystal® powder are completely our scientific

achievements, therefore we are their only legitimate provider on the global level.

It is our vision to be a global designer and a supplier of innovative technology, based on natural resources, applicable to products for everyday use, which has been proven to improve the quality of life of all living beings.


“Our company has always been dedicated to moving forward the borders of quality of life. Tired of everything that makes us depending on techniques, we decided to completely rely on nature in order to create the best possible source of energy renewal and overall body’s balance.”  

– Vesna Pavletić, CEO at Biocrystal Technologies, Ltd.




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