Energy is the essence of life.

Energy is all around you. It comes from the sun and gives the life to all living beings.
For humans energy means the ability to breathe, grow, move, learn, work, love, laugh… In one word – energy gives you the ability to live. And a story of life is actually the story of energy flow.

There is no better source of energy than nature. And right from nature, from depth of earth crust came crystals, a well- known source of energy which is easily transmitted to human’s body.

Idea of crystals, the natural resource of energy, empowered with science and encouraged with technology, developed Biocrystal® – your future way of life.

Biocrystal® gives you the opportunity to experience life with more energy, opportunity to tackle all your challenges and overcome the lack of energy through almost any product you use every day.


BIOCRYSTAL®  in media


Biocrystal® is an original crystal blend made of 16 different types of 100% natural crystals. 

Taken directly from nature, without being subjected to any special treatment except grinding and mixing, crystals bring power of nature to right to your life.

A decade of research discovered highly effective formula for Biocrystal® Mixture that contains specific quantity and ratio of crystals, able to achieve the maximum effect for ultimate energy influence on users.

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The ratio and percentages of the crystals in the highly efficiency composite is precisely defined representing a result of a 9-year research. As an outcome, we discovered the ultimate combination of the crystals that improves the functional state of body, without harmful impact or any contraindications.
Biocrystal® is developed, scientifically tested, and proven to bring the positive influence of crystals into a service of human’s, animal’s and plant’s well-being.

A natural and active crystal mixture – Biocrystal® is:





Testing and research conducted to Biocrystal® under clinical conditions, showed permanent active treatment with strong influence towards improving body energy flow.
Affecting to the movement of energy through the body, Biocrystal® technology creates unique and distinctive significant benefits:

improved body energy flow,
reduced fatigue,
efficient sleep,
reduced level of stress

Numerous products with Biocrystal® Mixture implemented inside met all the criteria required to obtain the Certificate of Energy Influence on Human Organism.

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This smart and all-natural discovery helps you to unlock your energy potential and empower it. Using only natural resources, Biocrystal® improves the energy flow through your body and helps you utilize the best of your body energy. Biocrystal® gives you the opportunity to experience life with more energy and overcome the lack of energy through almost any product you use every day.



The Biocrystal® mixture contains crystals grinded to 3 different sizes, with smallest particle size depending on product of implementation. Biocrystal® Mixture comes in size 0.1 – 0.4 mm (for implementation into foam, bedding products, furniture), size: 3µ (for implementation into foam, thread, textile), and size <1µ (for implementation into fiber and yarn). Regardless of the size of the particles, the Mixture retains all the positive effects, and do not deteriorate even at a temperature of 1,500° C.
Biocrystal® Mixture is easy, hustle free and costefficient way to innovate products and add them value with all natural and scientifically proven innovation.
Key benefits for a user of a product with Biocrystal® Mixture implemented inside:

  • improved body energy flow,
  • reduced fatigue,
  • reduced level of stress,
  • efficient sleep.

Numerous products with Biocrystal® Mixture implemented inside met all the criteria required to obtain the Certificate of Energy Influence on Human Organism.


Biocrystal® is suitable for an easy implementation in a wide range of products made for everyday use and intended for life improvement. With Biocrystal®, bedding, furniture, textile, automotive and many other industries finally have the opportunity to add the active treatment to their products and solve a desperate search of their customers for more and more energy.
Biocrystal® Mixture comes with 3 different sizes, adjustable for an easy and non-demanding implementation into various kinds of products.

Biocrystal® MIXTURE

Perfectly implementable into:

various kinds of foams


mattresses and toppers


furniture components


yarn and thread


products for everyday use






A research conducted by a doctor, a specialist of internal medicine, has proved that all Biocrystal® users experience positive changes towards their best natural  state of the organism, bringing them to the average improvement of 34.6%. The changes are noticeable when it is measured with a precise device only 10 minutes after the beginning of its use.
A study conducted at BION institute shows that Biocrystal® users experience higher level of conductivity and energy absorption – which implies more relaxed muscle and the nerve system enabling better sleep

A questionnaire conducted among the Biocrystal® users showed that

of respondents measured better body circulation

of the users sleep better

of the users recommend the product

Efficiency of Biocrystal® Technology is tested and proven by science. According to the benefits, tested products meet all the criteria to obtain the “Certificate of energy influence on humans”.

Efficiency of Biocrystal® Technology is tested and proven by science.

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Biocrystal® ‘s efficiency is proven by numerous European institutes and recognized
doctors in various fieldsof expertize, but it is also confirmed by the world’s famous athletes such as Goran Ivanisevic,
Matthias Dolderer, Danielle Brown, and many other satisfied users around the Globe.



We represent a truly innovative but experienced company receiving various awards and numerous media recognitions. Our supporters are the most famous athletes, while the efficiency of our technology is tested and proved on prestigious European institutes. The Biocrystal® mixture is completely our scientific

achievement, therefore we are its only legitimate provider on the global level.

It is our vision to be a global designer and a supplier of innovative technology, based on natural resources, applicable to products for everyday use, which has been proven to improve the quality of life of all living beings.


“Our company has always been dedicated to moving forward the borders of quality of life. Tired of everything that makes us depending on techniques, we decided to completely rely on nature in order to create the best possible source of energy renewal and overall body’s balance.”  

– Vesna Pavletić, CEO at Biocrystal Technologies, Ltd.






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