Biocrystal technologies CEO Vesna Pavletić answers to your questions

Biocrystal technologies CEO Vesna Pavletic

Dear friends, First of all I need to say – A big Thank you for so many questions about Biocrystal® technology, I find your interest very inspiring, and I can only say it was my pleasure to answer to your questions. For this blog post I choose only five of your questions, that were the most common ones, and that cover the biggest part of your interest about unique Biocrystal® technology. Feel free to leave a comment or ask more, I’ll be happy if we continue our communication. So, let’s start with a first question…

How did you get the idea to implement the crystals into the product such as a mattresses or pillows? And why crystals, why not something else?
Thomas, Cambridge

This idea was a logical sequence of events, given that a decade before we even discovered Biocrystal® technology, we were exclusively focused on the Bedding industry. Our business strategy has always contained the idea of a constant search for new and better solutions that we could offer to our customers. This is the reason we started looking for a new solution, which was later determined as a representative of an entirely new era in Bedding industry, but also many other industries. The story about choosing materials is quite simple actually, no matter that it lasted for almost a decade. Crystals come from the depths of the earth’s crust and, as such, without any influence represent the most stable form of energy. On the other hand – the area of application is extremely wide – even many medical devices would not exist without crystals, such as various electronic devices too… Even the clock on your hand wouldn’t work if crystals haven’t played their role. The crystals, as a completely natural material, with over thousand years long history of usage, scientifically recognized properties and exclusively positive effects – they are an ideal choice for something that is today known as Biocrystal®.



There are many more crystals in the world than 16 of them which you say Biocrystal® is composed of. Why did you choose exactly these 16 crystals?
Hannah, Edinburgh

There are nearly 4000 crystals in the world, but we have selected these 16 for their properties, which in this combination have a positive impact and reduce the difficulties with we all face every day, and so improve the general state of organism. For example, Citrine is ideal antioxidant, it strengthens the immune system and metabolism, Quartz is suitable for vessels – cleans and softens them, facilitates the work of the heart, stabilizes blood pressure, while Tourmaline relieves tension, stress, fear, obsession, strengthening defense against viruses that damage nerves… According to  words of expert of Crystallography, who spent almost a decade working with us on the discovery of the ideal crystal combination, only these 16 crystals contained in Biocrystal®, in the strictly defined proportion, make the ideal crystal structure – a highly effective and without any negative consequences or side effects.



Have you ever met with negative reviews by Biocrystal® product’s customers?  Have you recorded any negative experience with Biocrystal®?
Olivia, London

An interesting fact about Biocrystal® is actually that it doesn’t provokes negative consequences with their users. It’s efficiency is extremely high, and changes to better are expected instantly. Considering that Biocrystal® is already implemented in wide pallet of various products, that is how their users are different when it is about age, affinities , health condition and at the end– with different backgrounds. In my career that is nearly two decades long, I never found a negative comment about Biocrystal®. People were generally very grateful to our discovery; many were reported back that Biocrystal® changed their life. Of course, there are people who feel less intensity of changes or improvements, but Biocrystal® helps them to maintain a high level of strength of the immune system.



Is there a scientific proof about Biocrystal®’s efficiency and it’s positive impact to human’s organism? The story is very interesting, but I need scientific approval of it.
Darcy, Liverpool

Aware of competition in the market, but also a number of products for which you hear nothing but praise and never get the scientific confirmation of such praise, we in Biocrystal® technologies invest significant resources just to test the effectiveness of Biocrystal®, concretely of products that are based on Biocrystal®  technology. Beside the confirmation of specialized European institutes, renowned doctors – experts in their fields of medicine conducted a research  Biocrystal’s efficiency and proved it of course. I suggest you to read more about it here. However, none of this I said has no value without confirmations we receive on a daily basis from our customers.



On your webpage, there are more products beside these that you promote constantly (such as mattresses, pillows, etc..). Does it mean that Biocrystal® is not only intended to ensure better sleep, but has a different purpose too?
Samuel, London

Exactly. As I mentioned before, Biocrystal® is developed primarily to disrupt the monotony in the bedding industry. We were motivated by the excellent results of the test and measurement of their performances, so we came to the idea of application of Biocrystal® to products that are not exclusively intended for quality sleep. So after we developed our Bedding division, we started with the development of things for an active life, for people who have problems with acute pain and looking for a quick and efficient solution to that problem. One thing lead to another, so with help of experts, we discovered Biocrystal has positive impact to animals, that it helps with their recovery, revitalization of organism, higher mobility, so we developed Biocrystal® pillow for dogs, Biocrystal® pillow for cats, and Biocrystal® horse blanket. Of course, by living organisms we consider plants too? For some of us, houseplants are so-called mood lifters … A testing has shown that plants exposed to Biocrystal® grow healthier and faster. That’s why we thought – why should we deprive plants to experience Biocrystal®? Based on these ideas and with a lot of effort and hard work, later Vito & Flora were made – The best friends of your plants. Here I stop, because that’s all I can reveal. The rest of the story you will certainly find out soon.