Biocrystal® Mixture research results reviewed in USA

Biocrystal® Mixture research results reviewed in USA

Dear friends,

As you already know, here at Biocrystal® Technologies company, we are focused to a constant testing and researches in order to obtain the scientific research of Biocrystal® products’ efficiency.

Therefore, we are glad to share with you extremely positive Review of our recent research results, done at BION institute, The Institute for Bioelectromagnetic and New Biology, all regarding efficiency of Foam with Biocrystal Mixture.

Mrs. Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., Consulting Biophysicist at Institute for Frontier Science at Oakland (California, USA), has reviewed the research and described the study as “well designed”.

Following you will find an extract of Mrs. Rubik’s review:

“Results showed complex changes in the physiological measures. The Biocrystal® foam produced significant differences in respiration rate and body temperature, with some differential results in the first and second half of the measurement intervals. It appears that the Biocrystal® foam may produce greater relaxation, since heart rate, muscle activity and skin conductance decreased.”

If you are interested in reading the complete Review and Acceptance of Test Report of Clinical Study on Foam with Biocrystal® Mixture, make sure to contact us at: and we will be glad to send you a copy.

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