Zlatko Karajic: „Time to debunk some myths about sleep“

Time to debunk some myths about sleep

Does every story or conversation about sleep have to start with a sentence – „We spend a third of our lives in bed”?

This is the fact for many people, but certainly not for all of us out there… The amount of sleep you need for your everyday activities depends on your age, your health and general condition of your body, your activities, etc… Since we are not all the same, we can’t divide ourselves into a groups and say – you need 5, 6 or eight hours of sleep.

It just doesn’t go like that. Your body knows how much sleep it needs; but don’t think just because you are lazy and love to sleep that you need 12 hours of sleep, because it can’t be real.
On the other hand – you hyperactive people out there! Listen, if you drink gallons of coffee, and cisterns of energy drinks, it doesn’t mean your body asks for 3 hours of sleep per day. And what’s even more important – lost sleep can’t be recompensed. So calm down and start getting some quality sleep!

Oh, quality sleep! Isn’t this just such an interesting subject? Is quality sleep equal to memory foam? To certain type of material? To springs or wires? To sponges or wool? It is definitely important, but not the most important thing. Here is the point – We often hear how these materials make the best possible support to our bodies while we sleep, but what good can a bed do to my spine by supporting it, if my spine is already disordered? Should I have a support for disordered spine? You shouldn’t, but you most certainly will, since there isn’t a better solution, and what’s comfortable is not usually equal to healthy.

Now, when we talk about a healthier way of sleep, have you ever thought if there’s a way to invest more efficiently to the time you spend sleeping? If there is any possibility to help your body recover even more and have a deeper and solid sleep?Actually, we had exact the same question on mind, while we were developing Biocrystal technology. We started with the presumption there must be a better way to use your sleeping time, except just sleeping.

What about implementing in your bed a material that has a proven effect of revitalization to your body? Only a decade later, we came to an answer – crystals! Lead by scientifically proven and well-known positive effects, we started developing  Biocrystal technology that uses all the best performances of these natural substances and puts them on human’s disposal.

A powerful crystal mixture – Biocrystal®, made as a product of Biocrystal® technology is a natural substance whose essence consists of 16 crystals and minerals, complemented with gold and silver, processed to achieve enhanced body energy. This powerful dust is implemented in fractals in a special way, and these fractals are intended for implementation in products for sleeping such as toppers, mattresses, pillows, blankets, etc… 
Products based on Biocrystal® technology have a unique impact to your organism while you are asleep. It provides an efficient sleep, used in the smartest way. Not only you get better quality of sleep, but much easier waking up and full energy storage for all daily activities.

And the explanation is simple – imagine your cells renew rapidly during the night. You’ll say they do that anyway. And you’re right! But not that rapidly as they could. Actually, the role of renewing cells and filling them with energy belongs to powerful crystal mixture.

Each crystal Biocrystal® mixture consists of has a significant impact in decreasing many pains and anxieties we face with. Crystals provide faster and better metabolism with their ability to detect, monitor and influence the vibrations inside the cells of a body, regulating their proper frequency, thus removing, in a completely natural way all harmful substances from each cell, and the whole organism.
And just so you don’t think I’m talking this loud about efficiency of Biocrystal® technology without any proof, I must outline there are various testing conducted in European institutes that confirm what I’m saying (find out more here).

On the other hand, no research can replace all the impressions coming from users of our innovative technology. Beside it is proven, it is experienced that after only few months of sleeping on a product with Biocrystal® implemented inside can positive changes to the user’s health. You can expect improvement of immune system, as well as reduction of various pains and anxieties.

Bottom line, the important thing is not WHERE you sleep, but HOW you sleep.