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BIOCRYSTAL® topper ActiPro™

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Biocrystal® ActiPro™ is the latest solution for the highest quality sleep as it makes you experience complete rest, depleted energy renewal and continual sleep.

With efficient Biocrystal® Technology implemented inside and innovative ActiPro™ mattress fabric that contains natural probiotic microflora to eliminates allergens this topper will provide truly unique experience of sleep.
If you choose the Biocrystal® ActiPro™ topper with the addition of LATEX layer (2 cm thickness) you will ensure a unique balance of soft comfort with proper support for your spine.


User of Biocrystal® ActiPro™ topper can expect to experience:

biocrystal-pillow-obtain-faster-recovery biocrystal-pillow-obtain-faster-recovery biocrystal-pillow-royal-comfort


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Biocrystal® topper ActiPro™:

Recharges the depleted energy faster
Provides maximum comfort and convenience
Improves sleep quality and promotes relaxation
ActiPro™ treatment keeps the mattress fabric free of unwanted germs and microorganisms
Eliminates the allergens and makes the mattress clean and hygienic
Can be used by anyone

NOTE: Biocrystal® ActiPro™ topper is available with an added layer of LATEX, of 2 cm thickness, which will provide a perfect sleep experience and will enable the balance of soft comfort with proper support of your spine.

Thanks to the Biocrystal® PowerPad™ inserted inside, this topper has more beneficial effects and an added value than any other regular topper. Along with the perfect comfort, it provides you the scientifically proven efficiency of Biocrystal® Technology that brings to improved sleep quality and faster energy recovery.





  • Biocrystal® PowerPad™ Implemented inside the topper transforms it from a passive to an ACTIVE one as it provides you recuperation and energy renewal process. The continuous use of topper can improve your general state of the organism and enable you to wake up feeling rested and renewed.
    Efficiency comes from Biocrystal® – a powerful crystal mixture made of 16 types of 100% natural crystals, with gold and silver added – all carefully selected according to their beneficial effects on the human organism.
  • ActiPro™ fabric, used in Biocrystal® Topper is 100% natural solution for combating allergens in your sleeping area. Due to ActPro™ microflora, these probiotics give the house mites little chance for survival and neutralizes its allergens and odors.
  • The bottom layer of the Biocrystal® topper ActiPro™ is enriched with the copper silver net which has the role of reducing the intensity and radiation and to protect from the impact of the groundwater.
  • This comfortable and highly efficient product has extra elastic straps on all four corners to provide a good fit and the best comfort in bed. Elastic traps hold the topper firmly to your mattress.
actipro topper

Additional information

Size & Weight (netto)

80×190 cm (3.5 kg), 90×190 cm (4.5kg), 90×200 cm (4.5 kg), 140×190 cm (7 kg), 140×200 cm (7 kg), 160×190 cm (8kg), 160×200 cm (8kg), 180×190 cm (9kg), 180×200 cm (9kg)

Material substrate

43% Viscose, 57% Polyester


Probiotical fabric


Biocrystal® PowerPad™ (size: 45 x 75 cm)


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