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Biocrystal® Plant energizers – Vito & Flora

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Thanks to crystal mixture’s impact to molecules of water plant feeds with, while using Vito and Flora plant does not require the use of any supplements for feeding or artificial fertilizers.

This product is carefully designed for all plant lowers, for those who take a special care of their flowers and keep them with great attention.


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Biocrystal® Plant energizers – Vito & Flora:

Are perfect natural substitute for all artificial additives
Make your plants grow faster and healthier
Deal with plant illnesses much easier
Can’t produce any side effects
Scientifically proven to work
Have a charming design
Are easy to assemble with any interior
Are user friendly
Will make you proud of your plants and flowers

It is scientifically proven that Biocrystal® affects the changes of bio-electromagnetic properties of water, and have a statistically significant and positive effect on the biofield of consumers of water.

Vito & Flora change the bio-electromagnetic properties of the water. The plant absorbs energized water and receives more balanced and usable energy. Thanks to this impact the crystals have on the water the plant takes up, while using Vito & Flora the plant does not require the use of supplements or artificial fertilizers. Vito & Flora provide the plant with balanced energized water which is needed for growth, development and flourishing.

Their advantage is in quite a simple way to use Vito and Flora, which also does not require any specific maintenance. Vito and Flora, as Best friends of your plants can only make the positive impact on their growth, health and faster and prettier flourishing.

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Vito & Flora are available in two different sizes:
Small: height of 12 cm: small plant energizer is intended for treatment of plants that are located in the vase volume up to 10 lit of soil.
Big: height of 18 cm: big plant energizer is intended for treatment of plants that are located in the vase volume up to 50 lit of soil.


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