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Biocrystal® pillow Malva with Thermic™ cover

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Biocrystal® pillow Malva with Thermic™ cover is unique refreshment within the world of bedding industry. Enriched with Biocrystal® – scientifically proven and highly efficient crystal mixture, it offers unique experience of sleeping and even better daily functioning.

Along with an active impact of Biocrystal® technology, which improves sleep quality and faster energy recovery, this pillow regulates the temperature of the sleeping environment according the Thermic™ material – the smart finishing of the pillow cover.



User of Biocrystal® pillow Malva with Thermic™ cover can expect to experience:

biocrystal-pillow-obtain-faster-recovery biocrystal-pillow-obtain-faster-recovery biocrystal-pillow-royal-comfort




Biocrystal® pillow Malva with Thermic™ cover:

Helps with relieving chronic neck and shoulder pain
Makes the best support to your head, neck and shoulders at is shapes according to your sleep habits
Provides continual sleep during the night, providing body energy to be renewed and balance established
Controls the microclimate keeping the body in the “comfort zone” for longer period
Enhances thermal comfort and provides maximum convenience
Can be used by anyone





  • Biocrystal® PowerPad™ Implemented inside the pillow transforms it from a passive to an ACTIVE one as it provides you recuperation and energy renewal process. Efficiency comes from Biocrystal® – a powerful crystal mixture made of 16 types of 100% natural crystals, with gold and silver added – all carefully selected according to their beneficial effects on the human organism.
  • Thermic™ is the smart finishing that regulates the temperature of your sleeping environment. The capsules used in Thermic™ finish contain a patented PCM-solvent (made from eco-friendly vegetable oils) that releases and absorbs energy in interaction with the environment. The Thermic™ cover functions as a thermostat and senses when it needs to heat up or cool down, to keep the temperature of the sleeping environment between 28 and 30 C.
  • Thanks to the addition of Malva, a plant known for its healing properties, you will alleviate problems of the respiratory tract by using this pillow; Malva Is nontoxic plant, safe to be used even by small children as it cleans mouth and laughs.
thermic pillow

Additional information


72 x 42 x 12 cm


1,22 kg


Thermic Material


Biocrystal® PowerPad™ (size: 19 x 45 cm; inserted between cover and pillow)


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