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Biocrystal® pillow Malva with ActiPro™ cover

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Biocrystal® pilow Malva with ActiPro™ cover is a perfect solution for those in a search for best possible support to the head and neck spine.  Carefully chosen materials with Biocrystal® Technology  implemented inside allow only positive changes in organism.

The medibed material in Biocrystal® pillow will offer the most perfect support to the best possible position of your body, while the efficient crystal mixture healthy sleep and complete rest.

Biocrystal® pillow cover made of innovative ActiPro™ fabric contains natural probiotic microflora to eliminates allergens and provide a truly unique experience of sleep.


User of Biocrystal® pillow Malva with ActiPro™ cover can expect to experience:

biocrystal-pillow-obtain-faster-recovery biocrystal-pillow-obtain-faster-recovery biocrystal-pillow-royal-comfort




Biocrystal® pillow Malva with ActiPro™ cover:

Helps with relieving chronic neck and shoulder pain
Makes the best support to your head, neck and shoulders at is shapes according to your sleep habits
Provides continual sleep during the night, providing body energy to be renewed and balance established
ActiPro™ treatment keeps the pillow cover free of unwanted germs and microorganisms
Eliminates the allergens and makes the pillow clean and hygienic
Can be used by anyone





  • Biocrystal® pillow Malva with ActiPro™ cover offers the unique experience of sleeping – with maximum comfort, an active and exclusively beneficial impact of Biocrystal® PowerPad™ which provides positive changes for your organism.
  • Sixteen carefully selected and mixed crystals inside Biocrystal® PowerPad™ will help you to finally have a healthy and continual sleep, with faster energy renewal and ultimately improved quality of life.
  • Thanks to the addition of Malva, a plant known for its healing properties, you will alleviate problems of the respiratory tract by using this pillow; Malva Is nontoxic plant, safe to be used even by small children as it cleans mouth and laughs.
  • ActiPro™ fabric, used in Biocrystal® Topper is 100% natural solution for combating allergens in your sleeping area. Due to ActPro™ microflora, these probiotics give the house mites little chance for survival and neutralizes its allergens and odors.

Additional information


72 x 42 x 12 cm


1,22 kg


Medibed 60%, Polyester & Viscosa 40%


Biocrystal® PowerPad™ (size: 19 x 45 cm; inserted between cover and pillow)


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