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Biocrystal® pillow

kn 1,500.00
€ 202.87


Choosing to trust your sleep to Biocrystal® Pillow guarantees an experience that is beyond the perfect comfort.

This pillow offers an active treatment during the sleep, which results by revitalizing your body,  faster recovery and prepares you for the upcoming daily challenges.

According to the proven benefits of Biocrystal® Mixture implemented into to pillow’s inlay, you will experience undisturbed and continuous sleep, quality rest and recuperation, improved relaxation and balanced energy, which all leads to achieving and maintaining an optimal body condition on long terms.


User of Biocrystal® pillow can expect to experience:

biocrystal-pillow-obtain-faster-recovery biocrystal-pillow-obtain-faster-recovery biocrystal-pillow-royal-comfort




Biocrystal® pillow:

Provides maximum comfort and the best support to your head, neck and shoulders at is shapes according to your sleep habits
Thanks to the beneficial impact of Biocrystal®, it enables a full relax and energy treatment during your sleep time
Provides continual sleep during the night, enabling body energy to be renewed and balance established
Enhances undisturbed energy flow through the body and ultimately lead to improved quality of life
Leads to full body revitalization as it provides faster recovery and prepares for the upcoming daily challenges
Can be used by anyone





  • Biocrystal® Pillow is one of a kind pillow produced with Crystal Foam that is powered by Biocrystal® mixture.
  • Thanks to the Biocrystal® Mixture, this pillow provides you with an active impact while you sleep, besides the ultimate comfort enabled by Visco foam.
  • Sleeping on Biocrystal® pillow will make you experience a full relax and energy treatment, providing an undisturbed energy flow through your body.
  • Biocrystal® mixture is a powerful combination of 16 absolutely natural crystals that have an active and exclusively beneficial impact to your organism.
  • Foam with Biocrystal® Mixture implemented inside is scientifically proven to have a general relaxing effect to a user, therefore it obtains the Certificate of Energy Influence on Human Organism.

Additional information


73.5 x 43 x 13.8 cm


1,22 kg


Biocrystal® Pillow is a pillow made by moulded visco foam.


Biocrystal® Pillow has a special inlay produced with Crystal Foam powered by Biocrystal® mixture.

Additional features:

•internal cover jersey cotton with zip
•out cover 280gr with special treatment (aloe or silver), label with washing instructions
•color poster
•plastic bag


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