Austrian scientist confirms effectiveness of Biocrystal® mixture


Great news from Biocrystal®!


Latest innovation within bedding and furniture industry – Foam with Biocrystal Mixture, confirms its effectiveness through reviews made by scientific experts.


The latest review done by Walter H. Medinger, MSc, PhD, from International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility (Austria), was regarding Bion institute’s Test report for energy influence on human organism for the product Foam with Biocrystal® mixture.


Mr. Medinger found that the study done by BION Institute had a well-designed test plan and that it has fulfilled the scientific standards of a prospective, double-blind and randomized study.

He also said: “The standardized evaluation of the BF (Biocrystal® foam) and CF (Control foam) curves compared to the LC curve (long time average for control group), clearly reveals the specific effectiveness of BF whish is explained by two response patterns, namely (i) a bioenergetic influence and (ii) a bioprotective influence.”

To read the whole review done by Mr. Medinger, from IIREC, let us know at and we will send you a copy.


Best regards from Biocrystal Team.